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Image: Mérimée, Prosper. Chronique Du Règne De Charles IX. C. Lévy, Paris, 1892.

:  List of Mérimée’s works

:  Scan of Mosaïque original edition title and contents pages

:  Spaniards in Denmark from The Theater of Clara Gazul

:  Mateo Falcone

:  The Vision of Charles XI

:  Storming the Fort

:  Tamango

:  Federigo

:  The Pearl of Toledo

:  The Etruscan Vase

:  A Game of Trictrac

:  Letters from Spain

:  The Double Mistake

:  Souls of Purgatory

:  The Venus of Ille

:  Colomba

:  Arsène Guillot

:  Carmen

:  Abbé Aubain

:   The Blue Room

:   Lokis

:   Djoûmane

:  The Viccolo of Madam Lucrezia


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